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Last updated: June 17, 2018

Sketch Base Template

A well-documented design system can play a huge part in the success of any major project. And not having to set up every icon and symbole to save time can be a huge help. As my design ability grows so does my ability with Sketch. Saving time from setting up a document and organizing it can lead to more time to be creative. This is my document to help save time and incorporate my design progression.

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Last updated: March 10, 2018


There are hundreds of Sketch plugins, and more released every day. These plugins are the ones I use for boosting my productivity, speed, organization and creativity.

# Plugin Description
1 Midnight - Dark Theme Applies a dark theme to sketch and helps with organization
2 Rename It for organization, rename layers and artboards in batches
3 Runner helps you to get around Sketch quicker
4 Spellcheck A basic spellchecker that checks all layers on a page
5 Stark ensure your design is accessible and high contrast
6 Symbol-Instance-Renamer rename symbol instances to the name of their master
7 Symbol-Organizer Organize your symbols page into groupings by symbol names

Social Media

A growing trend in a designers portfolio is using social media to display and present work. To that end I've moved away from maintaining my own portfolio website in favor of using Instagram, Dribble and Behance.

Instagram Planning