UI/UX Design

User Interface Design combined with User Experience Design is where my passion really lies. Establishing a unique aesthetic voice to every project and client is where I excel. I am a storyteller at heart that always focuses on the end user to create beautiful UI’s. I work hard at establishing journey maps, wireframes, and user personas to help inform my creative decisions. It is this user-centered design philosophy that helps me excel in solving real problems for real people who use these products every day. Additionally, I have many years of experience in agency work, and enjoy working on projects collaboratively with a team or independently.

Skills: Adobe Suite, Sketch, Zeplin, UX Research, Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, Modular (Atomic) Design, Crowd Sourced Design, Journey Maps, Wirerames, User Persona's and more

Graphic & Web

My graphic design and web development skills are as diverse as the mediums I utilize. Expert knowledge in all aspects of design combined with artistic talents is the biggest asset to my creative arsenal. My ability to conceptualize, create, and execute design solutions for multiple projects within a budget, a timeline, and tracking the many variables involved in producing a final product is what makes me a contemporary, flexible designer.

I have managed and created graphics for large content management systems, such as WordPress and Magento in multiple-author settings. Additionally, I have a great deal of knowledge in the concepts and creations of Mobile First and Responsive Web Design, as well as experience using Bootstrap and creating my own frameworks. My talent and passion for graphic design, complemented by my web programming knowledge, sets me apart from other web designers and programmers.

Skills: Adobe Suite, WordPress, Bootstrap, Magento, Print Design, Illustration, Branding & Identity, Typography, 3D Graphics, and more

Email Design & Marketing

Email marketing is one of the strongest channels for successfully engaging an audience. I have managed the strategic design and development of email campaigns to support acquisition, engagement, retention and growth for various clients. I have created campaigns from concept to completion and worked in cross-functionality with product marketing. I have also analyzed the performance of these campaigns and worked to optimize the subject lines, templates, and features to maximize open and click through rates.

Skills: AWebber, MailChimp, Litmus.com, Repsonsive Email Design, Analytics, SEO, Content Strategy, and more

Some clients I’ve worked with:

Allan’s Coffee & Tea, Cafe Yumm!, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, Digital Promise, Guaranty RV, Instructure, LRNG, Nike, Oregon Community Credit Union, Pacific Science Center, Papé Group, Inc., The Birmingham News, The University of Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Will Leather Goods